Craigslist Atlanta GA

When searching for a vehicle, a great way to get a good car and to save money is to buy a used car on Craigslist Atlanta. The market is flooded with used vehicles, and you can have your pick of just about anything that you are looking for or need. Cars that are used can still be very dependable, and have a lot of life in them, and they are sometimes more than half the cost of a brand new one. Used cars for sale by owner, or by private sellers, are where you find the lowest prices, and there are a few different places that you can start to look today.

The reason that a used car for sale by owner is cheaper than a used car at a dealership is because there is no commission mark up, and there are no lot costs to be covered. The owner usually only either owes a specific amount on the vehicle, or they have the vehicle paid off, so it is easier for them to work with the buyer, and to offer the lowest price. There are many different websites on line that are dedicated to used cars for sale by private owner, and they are also easy to use. This is the best place to find great deals.

There are a few different major sites that have the most selections and models to choose from. These sites are Craigslist. Atlanta,, and lastly eBay. All of these sites have listings of many different used vehicles, and you can look at vehicles that are offered by either private sellers or owners, and also through dealerships. This is in case you want to be able to see all of your options. These 3 places are the best choices to find cheap cars for sale by owner, and cheap local cars for sale by owners. With these sites you can put in the type of car you want, the model that you are looking for, and also even set a price limit. This will give you the used cars that you want to look at, and save you time browsing through others.

Craigslist Atlanta cars is a classifieds site where you can purchase and sell many different things in the state of Georgia, and you can do all of this for free. By going into Craigslist, choosing the city and state that you live in, and then going to cars & trucks, you will be able to see the used vehicles in your area that are for sale. Sometimes the surrounding areas too, these cities are all available for search on Craigslist Georgia:

  • albany
  • athens
  • atlanta
  • augusta
  • brunswick
  • columbus
  • macon / warner robins
  • northwest GA
  • savannah / hinesville
  • statesboro
  • valdosta

A helpful tip is that if you can’t what you’re looking for in the ATL, then you should search the surrounding cities for that item, or service.  There is usually and email address available for you to contact the seller, some pictures of the vehicle, and a short description of the vehicle, and also sometimes more contact information. You do have to be careful on Craigslist Atlanta however, because there have been scams reported. Remember that all attempts to ship vehicles are fraudulent, and never deal with people who are not in the local area. is a website that is dedicated to only motorized vehicles. It costs money for the sellers to put their vehicles on there, but it does not cost any money for the buyers to see them and purchase them. There is usually a lot of different pictures with the vehicle, and a very detailed and thorough description of the vehicle. The contact information of the owner will be displayed, and this can be either a phone number, or an email. People who are paying to list their vehicle are usually very serious about selling it, so these sellers may be willing to drop the price to get rid of their vehicles quickly.

Using eBay is a great way to find cars for sale by owner, and you can place bids to decide how much you want to pay for each one you like. Many of the vehicles are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. To bid on eBay, you will have to create an account, but this is very simple to do. There are tons of cheap used cars placed on eBay every day, and you can even read the profiles and sellers statistics online. This means that if the seller has a high rating, he has had no problems selling anything in the past. If people have said that they did have problems, then you may want to avoid bidding on these sellers vehicles.

Buying a used car that is for sale by owner is the best way to save money, and still get a great car. Use all three of these sites, or check the local newspaper classifieds to get a used car for your personal needs. Other trusted car dealerships in the Atlanta city limits are:

Curry Honda
Sandy Springs Toyota
Capitol City Nissan
World Toyota
Sandy Springs Ford

If you are hesitant about a vehicle, check with a site like, to read a full report on it, and to determine if it is a good purchase. There are millions of great cheap used cars out there on Craigslist Atlanta used cars, so do not be hesitant to buy one.