Craigslist Phoenix AZ

When it comes to Craigslist Phoenix, you will find an array of different jobs all in one convenient location.  By heading to, you can find jobs in accounting, education, business, marketing, sales, security, retail and more.  On the homepage, you can browse through the various categories available as a job seeker.  For example, you can choose to find a job in the accounting field in one of two ways.

Finding a Job with Craigslist Phoenix

One way is to look on the left side of the screen for the search box.  If you are looking for a job as an accounts receivable clerk, you can type that into the search box.  Select jobs in the drop down menu.  Click on the search button and it will bring you to a page with available listings for Craigslist Phoenix.

Beyond doing it that way, you can simply go to the link underneath the jobs category on the Craigslist Phoenix homepage and click on the accounting section.  In doing so, it will load jobs by date.  Click on the name of the job to find out how to apply for the position and what requirements they desire in applicants.  In this same area, you can also search using the fields at the top of the listings page.

Craigslist Phoenix AZ

Renting an Apartment

Now that you have the job of your dreams, you need somewhere to live.  Regardless of whether you are looking for an apartment, condo, town home, house or any other type of living arrangement, you can find it all on Craigslist Phoenix.  It might take you a little time to browse through all of the listings, but your dream place is out there waiting for you to find it in beautiful, sunny Phoenix.

For apartments, look under the apts/housing category.  To share a place with others, head to the rooms/shared category.  Housing wanted is where you can list what you are searching for in a place in town.  Craigslist Phoenix is loaded with potential living accommodations, but you have to be the one to determine what you desire and how much you are willing to spend on a new place to live.

By navigating to Craigslist, choosing the city and state that you live in, and then going to apts/housing, you will be able to see the available apartments and housing in your area. Sometimes the surrounding areas too, these cities are all available for search on Craigslist Arizona:

  • Glendale
  • Scottsdale
  • Gilbert
  • Chandler

Buying Furniture

After you have found your ideal place to live, you need something to fill it up.  For those who are searching for furniture to outfit their home, craigslist Phoenix is loaded with opportunities to score some amazing deals for a fraction of the cost.  On, look for the for sale category in the middle column.  If you look down the list, you will see a category that says furniture.  All you have to do is click on that and you will have a number of different options from which you can choose.  Couches, dressers, beds, tables and more are all available from individuals around the Phoenix area.

If you want to simplify the process further, you can type in what you are looking for, such as “couch”, “bed” or “dresser”.  Make sure to change the drop down menu to for sale, if it isn’t already defaulted there for you, and click search.  Not only does this help to save you time, but it also lists everything that you are looking for in one convenient location.

History of Phoenix AZ

Before there was a Craigslist Phoenix and hundreds of years prior to any of the other cities in the eastern portion of the country being clearings in the wilderness, a civilized community occupied the area that we know today as Phoenix.  The Pueblo Grande Ruins, once occupied between 700 and 1400 A.D., will testify to the ancient roots of the city.  The Salt River wound through the Valley of the Sun, but there wasn’t a lot of rain or melting snow to keep the brown earth moistened from the mountain range to the river on either side.

Former residents were enterprising, industrious and imaginative.  They created an irrigation system that consisted of 135 miles of canals to make the land fertile.  Ultimately, the city was destroyed by a prolonged drought.  The modern day history of the city begins in the nineteenth century.  It was 1867 when Jack Swilling of Wickenburg stopped to let his horse rest along the slopes of the White Tank Mountains.  He noticed the rich land free of rocks and in an area that was beyond snow and heavy frost.  All the land needed was some water.

By 1868, water flowed through the canals and people were able to raise meager crops during the summer.  Four miles east of the city, a small colony had formed.  Over the years the name changed from Swilling’s Mill to Helling Mill, Mill City and then East Phoenix.  Phoenix came into recognition officially on May 8, 1868.  By June 15, a post office was established in town.  Many people come here for the beauty, serene landscaping, peacefulness and bounty of opportunities.